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I called to get information on what balance is due on our account, Kalahari Gas Corporation. I asked who I was speaking to in the accounts department, and the receiver of the call would not tell me and kept insisting I told her who I was first before she could help me. I found this to be extremely rude, as I had asked her a question first, and when answering a telephone call the correct procedure is to announce who is speaking. I then asked to speak to the Manager, to which she replied "there is no manager" so I asked to speak to the Director, and again she replied "we do not have one." I cannot believe that any company operating legally in Botswana would have no Manager and no Director. She then kindly transferred me to Lorato who was extremely helpful and told me I had been speaking to Maria previously. I would advise the non existent Managers and or Directors' to please send Maria on a course of telephone etiquette and customer care.