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Worst Service
Nashua was great when I signed with them 3 years ago... it has been downhill since then. Not only do they not communicate with their customers about their downtime but it doesn't matter at what time you call the helplines, NO ONE EVER PICKS UP! Weekends are the worst to try call in. When they finally do pick up after 3 days of trying, they ask you if don't receive any notifications from, something that they don't update when you answer no! It refused, I feel you deserve no star at all!! I'm tired of Nashua, need an alternative asap.
Internet Review. Service review
The service provider is amazing the installation was neatly done and the installer was so friendly.. I would recommend them anytime
Nashua Botswana is amazing. One thing though this thing of not giving us the logging details of our router is bull .. there I said it. On top of that you don't give reasons why you are not giving it to us... Nashua must change that..
good service
they fixed my wifi and now its really fast
thank you
horrible wifi past 2 months!
i usually get 500kbps at night even when no ones home!
and when playing games online im getting 300ping plus where my other friends using other ISPs and are also on 3.2mbps package and are getting 180 to 200 ping
and im paying for 3.2mbps
and when ever i call no one answers!
im going to change ISPs if this isnt fixed ASAP
No Internet
Since Friday there is no internet at home, I have calling for service but nothing happened till now.