BUY 5F-AKB48, AKB48-F, STS135 ,UR-144, a-pvp, mam-2201 5F- U

We sell and supply high quality and purity research chemicals in both large and small

quantities worldwide. Others products :5F-AKB48, AKB48-F, STS135 ,pb22,
purple kush,UR-144, a-pvp, mam-2201/5F-UR-144 ,5fur144,am-2201, 5-MEO DALT, ITPP,3MMC, JWH-

018.MAM 2201, EAM 2201, URB 597, Ur 144,, 5fur144 ,3-FMC, BK-MDMA, pb22 ,4f-pv8 and a lot

others in stock. please contact me via or skype: drksmithn

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