Project Management Services

1. Tendering
At this stage we invite contractors for tendering. The Contractors will be issued with a set of drawings and an unpriced Bill of Quantities. All of which shall be returnable for evaluation.

2. Appointment of Contractor
Upon receiving priced BOQs from the contractors, we shall evaluate the contractors’ tenders and make recommendation to the client for joint approval. The evaluation shall be majorly based on the contractors’ capacity/capability, time and pricing. Thereafter, the contract between the Client and Contractor shall be signed.

3. Construction
We shall be supervising the contractor to ensure that scope, quality; cost & time are adhered to. There shall be site visits at critical stages of the project. Progress meetings and reports shall be held and minutes submitted to the client. We shall be ensuring that all contractor’s invoices are measured against the work done. Any variations with cost implications shall be approved by the Client and agreed by all parties.

4. Project Handover
After completion of all the site works, the contractor shall officially handover the project to the Client together with the Occupation Certificate from the Local Authority. We shall duly sign the site handover certificate and produce the Final Account report to the Client.

5. Defects Liability Period.
The contactor shall indemnify his workmanship and we shall ensure that we retain 5% of any invoice amount claimed by the contractor at any stage. The retention amount will only be released after the lapse of the retention period. Conversely, the retention will be used for any defects that might arise during the Defects Liability Period. The Defects Liability Period for residential properties is usually six (6) months or one rainy season whichever comes first.