Rehearsal Studio

Price: P100/hr
Our rehearsal studio was created by the love we have for our music industry. Our company was created after having difficulty with finding a spot where our band (Joyful Ambassadors) could practice together. The struggle was finding a place that was convenient, affordable and allowed us to play loud music. After having no luck finding a studio that could provide all three of these options, we knew it was time to take matters into our own hands. After networking with other artists we found they were having the same issues.
Once we realized we were not the only ones running into this problem, we decided to devise a plan. We build our own rehearsal room from scratch and equipped it will all the equipment needed to run a rehearsal studio.
At Joyful productions we understand the importance of having a place where you can create music and enhance your skills. Our rehearsal studio opened in December 2016. Now after three years we can say, we are happy to be able to provide a place where you can jam out and express your artistic skills, for an affordable price.
Since opening of our rehearsal space we’ve managed to create a network of clients and without them we wouldn’t have made it this far. WE THUS SAY THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAVE USED OUR REHEARSAL STUDIO FOR THE PAST YEARS.

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