Job vacancy Enumerator / Data Collector in Gaborone

Focus Surveys (All Bosses Pty Ltd)
P O Box 45633, Gaborone, Gaborone
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Job Type
Temporary / Contract
Job Status
Per Diem
13 Sep, 2017
Job Title

Enumerator / Data Collector

Job Presentation
Enumerators, also known as Data Collectors; conduct research on behalf of the project. They collect data by canvassing your assigned area or sample targets. Enumerators must appropriately document and report the results they find. We conduct surveys on a regular and depending on the type of research project you may be part of a research team.
  • Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education: Highly organized individual, punctual, capable of handling multiple priorities, meeting deadlines, and managing time effectively.
  • • Experience in utilizing technology tools and also possess the ability to master new technology tools, as required; familiarity with the use of an Android tablet is an advantage.
  • • Ability to work independently as well as an effective team player.
  • • Willing to work on the field.
  • • Outstanding communications and interpersonal skills.
  • • Confidence and can-do attitude; ability to advance projects with minimal supervision.
  • 1. Participate in enumerators’ training/workshop
  • 2. Receive enumeration materials and equipment from the team leader
  • 3. Enumeration duties:
  • 4. Locate sample members
  • 5. Set interview dates with respondents
  • 6. Conduct interviews with respondents
  • 7. Record responses as instructed
  • 8. Comply with the requirements necessary for conducting a successful interview
  • 9. Post-Enumeration duties:
  • 10. Report the number of surveys collected and any unusual situations to the team leader on a daily basis
  • 11. Ensure that enumerator checklist is complete
  • 12. Ensure that all questionnaires and equipment are accounted for
  • 13. Turn over all literature and materials used in the survey to the team leader
  • 14. Follow confidentiality and security procedures to ensure respondent privacy is protected
  • Highly skilled team and challenging/dynamic work environments. You will gain valuable people skills and research experience.

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