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Ministry of Environment and Tourism
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25 January, 2023
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National Project Coordinator (nc)

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REF: ENT 4/26/11 IV (82)

DATE: 16/01/2023

Government of Botswana is collaborating with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on a Sustainable Forest Management Impact Program on Dryland Sustainable Landscapes (DSL-IP), with funding from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF). The DSL-IP seeks to assist countries across Africa and Asia in: a) fostering resilience of production systems in drylands; b) promoting restoration and rehabilitation; and c) improving livelihoods through a comprehensive landscape approach. As part of the DSL-IP, the Botswana Sustainable Miombo-Mopane Landscape Management Project addresses the same objectives and is executed by Ministry of Environment & Tourism and Ministry of Agriculture, through Operational Partner Agreements.

Applications are therefore, invited from suitably qualified Botswana Citizens for the below mentioned contract positions, which are tenable at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Successful candidates will become part of a Project Management Unit (PMU) based in Gaborone.

The project offers an attractive remuneration package, commensurate with qualifications and experience.





To be in charge of daily implementation, management, administration and technical supervision of the project, on behalf of Operational Partners and within the framework delineated by the Project Steering Committee (PSC). NPC will be responsible for the overall planning, coordination of project activities, and monitoring of project results.


P45, 662.00 per month (inclusive of Medical Aid, PAYE and gratuity)


30 Working days per annum (to be utilized during contract period)

CONTRACT DURATION: One year renewable

QUALIFICATIONS: Advanced degree in natural resource management, such as biological sciences, rangeland ecology, forestry, environmental management and agriculture.


• A minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience, including practical experience in the implementation of interventions for the sustainable management of natural resources and decision-making advice.
• Proven experience in the management of UN agencies' environment programmes or
• Natural Resource Management Programmes or similar projects.
• Experience in results-based project/programme management including the development and oversight of logical frameworks and theories of change.
• Proficiency in Computers and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project)


• Overall technical lead for the implementation of all project outputs and activities and ensure technical soundness of project implementation.
• Coordinate the project with relevant baseline initiatives.
• Coordinate the project with FAO's Technical Support Structure for the DSL-IP (i.e. liaise with the DSL-IP regional service providers to ensure that regional technical assistance is supported by national implementing partners).
• Ensure a high level of collaboration among participating institutions and organizations at the national and local levels.
• Ensure compliance with all Operational Partner Agreement (OPA) provisions during the implementation, including on timely reporting and financial management.
• Closely coordinate and monitor the implementation of project activities, and provide close supervision to the Field Assistants.
• Prepare and submit Annual Work Plans and Budgets to the PSC for approval.
• Tracking the project's progress and ensuring timely delivery of inputs and outputs.
• Provide technical support and assess the outputs of the project national consultants hired with GEF funds, as well as the products generated in the implementation of the project.
• Approve and manage requests for the provision of financial resources using the provided format in OPA annexes.
• Monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial reports.
• Ensure timely preparation and submission of requests for funds, financial and progress reports to FAO as per OPA reporting requirements.
• Maintain documentation and evidence that describes the proper and prudent use of project resources as per OPA provisions, including making available supporting documentation to FAO and designated auditors when requested.
• Implement and manage the project's monitoring and communications plans
• Organize project workshops and meetings to monitor progress and prepare the Annual Budget and Work Plan.
• Submit the six-monthly Project Progress Reports (PPRs), based on Annual Work Plans and Budget Plan (AWP/B), to the PSC and FAO.
• Prepare the first draft of the Project Implementation Review (PIR).
• Support the organization of the mid-term and rina evaluations in close coordination with the FAO Budget Holder and the FAO Independent Office of Evaluation (OED).
• Submit the Operational Partner's (OP) six-monthly technical and financial reports to FAO and facilitate the information exchange between the OP and FAO, if needed.
• Inform the Project Steering Committee (PS) and FAO of any delays or difficulties arising during the implementation to ensure timely corrective measures and support.
• Liaise regularly with the DSL-IP regional coordinator on project progress and support the regional coordinator in bi-directional flow of information from the national project to the Southern Africa Regional Exchange Mechanism (REM) cluster.
• Facilitate the PMUs and relevant government focal points active participation in regional and global training, as well as knowledge events organized by the DSL-IP global and regional coordination structure.
• Lead in the identification of active forest/farm producer organizations in the targeted landscapes based on set of jointly selected criteria (input to be provided by the DSL-IP global and regional coordination).


• Decision Quality
• Innovation Management
• Managing and Measuring Work
• Organizing
• Priority Setting
• Managing Vision and Purpose
• Conflict management
• Ethics and values
• Integrity and Trust

Valid Till
7 Feb, 2023

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