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31 Mar, 2020
I wanna know what happened to my account because I saw a negative balance which I dnt knw about it
Gomolemo Keamogetswe
25 Mar, 2020
I want to register for online banking but iam stuck on the way because they needed OTP cell phone,of which I dont not know it neither have I received any message about it,help please
Gloria Motlhanke
8 Apr, 2019
Want to know if you can draft a bank letter that have my banking details
14 Nov, 2018
Hello whats the fnb swift code
Andrea Richter
24 Jul, 2018
Does the landline work, ive been trying to call for the past hour and it says the number isnt correct
10 Jul, 2017
Hi im asking that i tried to withdraw 2000 in mi account on 08.07.2017 the the ATM Machine wrote OUT OF SERVICE but mi balance shows that i hv taken that amount but i didnt take that money
31 May, 2017
I want to ask that if an ATM gives you less amount then the sms show that you have cashed the amount that you want . example i got 600 the it gives me 500 then it show i have taken all the amount .what happen with the p100? as i get the amount back?
Kabo Office
30 Mar, 2017
I have one month banking with your bank so is it possible for me to get a personal loan...but i have been banking with another bank for 3 years
Bethwell Salis
17 Jan, 2017
Please confirm who we can liaise with at FNBB for your Printing, Publishing and Promotional work

Do you have an e-mail address for us?
8 Mar, 2016
What are the operating hours at FNB Botswana branches

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